The weather of Bangalore has me completely mesmerized and people staying here will vouch for this fact.Barring the two months of summer i.e March and April which sometimes gets extended to May,the remaining part of the year is sheer bliss.The monsoons beginning in June and carrying on till July – August are such that rains can start pouring unannounced ,any moment.Moreover the cool breeze that blows post rains uplift your body and soul giving it the feel of a heavenly abode. No doubt it does get a bit chilly around this time of the year with regular rainfalls ,however , it cannot take away the intoxicating affect it has on all alike.Simply being out in such a weather brightens up the mood and helps in easing out all the stress ,anxiety and worries of life.. The later part of the year September to December-January gets colder, announcing the arrival of winters and a layer of woolens is all it takes to brave the cold . Not something that can restrict us to stay indoors and deprive ourselves of the bewitching weather . So go ahead and let nature play its part in making life joyful and enchant you to the core .

4 thoughts on “Enchantment

  1. Intoxication impact of nature/weather or getting intoxicated to enjoy/cater the nature/weather both are sheer bliss for life😀😀


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