Laziness , procrastination , writers block name it anything you fancy. Though I would say it is a combination of all of these that kept me away from writing another post till now . All the enthusiasm ,eagerness and excitement which was present at the time of writing the initial post were lying dormant somewhere unknown to me.Took me a few days to finally dig out those emotions and put this post together – even though most of it may sound gibberish to you .It has however made me realize that it takes a lot of effort , energy , will and passion to start something you desire. And once it’s begun and out there is when the uphill battle of maintaining it ,keeping it in motion begins . Which is all the more reason for getting over anything that makes you reluctant to leave your comfort zone and continue doing what you set out to accomplish in the first place.

Get Going

2 thoughts on “Pondering..

  1. One has to dig down to find something close to your conviction and then present it like A BOUQUETS F*R OTHER TO ADMIRE AND RELISH I WORTH SLOWDOWN OR PR*CASTINATION LIKE THE EFFORTS BEST OF WRITING, exploring


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