That is exactly how I wish the new year to be for all of us. The reason maybe anything . Here is wishing that we all get to do at least one such thing which we have been putting off for one reason or the other. And believe me completing that one task will take you directly into a state of euphoria. So guys what are we waiting for. Just pick your one most wanted thing/activity that you have been unable to do,complete it and feel the happiness surge through your whole being. For long i have been wanting to write a blog and having done that today has been my gateway to euphoria. Hoping there are numerous reasons and countless euphoric moments for all of us out there in this new year.

………..See you

14 thoughts on “Euphoria

  1. The marathon has begun and what a good time to kick off!

    Good thought is always inspiring may be magic of words make its more worthwhile!!

    Kudo to “Anupam The Author”!!!

    P.S. Going to pick one thing /activity ..Euphoria is on๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. That’s a good start. To the point and simple vocab. I have seen many bloggers try to impress the readers by using all those “Shashi-Tharoorish” vocabulary, that you need a dictionary to decode them. I like the simplicity. Keep it up and keep writing. Wishes.

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